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Technical Support

Technical Support

Pre-sale Service:
Bearing the concept of “spearheading the product quality ,service as our backup force” ,we could design and recommend a complete package in our fastest speed to our client by conducting the comprehensive analysis on client’s actual demand and suggestions over our product so as let client know the performance and characteristics of their selected product .

Service in production phase:
Our professional service team will constant contact the customer to let the client know the production progress clearly .in addition .we will deliver our product to our client destination in time in according to the contracted terms signed by us .and assure the production ,delivery ,quality of our product strictly in according to the contract.

Clients could directly make claims and complaints to the staff who takes charge of management on project implementation environment to see if the problem could be resolved at the production scene or not .the staff will respond the dealing result directly tothe client if the problem could be solved successfully at the production scene .our service center will respond to the client if the problem could not solved at the production scene .the staff in service center would get call or other documentary claim report directly from the client ,and the service center staff will submit the problem to the corresponding department of our company if the problem could not be solved at the production scene .and then give the final rely to our client about the final dealing result .
After sales service:
Providing the free technical support ,user instruction guidances to our client.

We provide relevant maintenance knowledge;and If the battery have quality question. we would provide repair or replacement with the warranty period(12Month).

We will offer a different warranty time to our client based on different types of product .our company will offer free replacement components and repair service to our client if there is any quality related problems with our product during the valid quality warranty period .but this service wont covered any quality problems resulted from misuse ,slaving etc by clients,not product it’self problems .

We will take actions and respond the client within 24 hours when we get the quality problem claims from the client .then our company will do problem analysis so as to know clearly who will be responsible for the problem .and let the client know the repair schedule or other service plans within 2 working days .

Service concept:
Delong Company takes “ work hard,let the client feel moved “as our service faith .and offer long term service to our client ,we would like to cooperate with client in a long run time .and take the success of our client as ourself success .”stay on the same boat even meet any heavy rains and winds ,take mutual benefit as our core interests “ is our another long term technology and service support faith
Service is a type of our company culture ,it is not only represent a company management policy ,it melt into the culture of the company and accepted by all workers .

Service content come from the user’s demand .we will constant and unswervingly offer our high efficiency and high quality service to our client .and progressing the service way ,improving the quality of product .
We will provide our standard ,diverse ,and professional service to our client ,standardization symbolize the service stipulation ,professional symbolize the service quality .diversification symbolize the service content .all these actions will enable us to serve our client satisfactory .

Service faiths:
Our company make our commitments as belows :
Offer our constantly ,high efficiency service ,constructing our high service brand .
Constructing a full set of service system .offfer a standard ,diverse ,and professional service
Working around the user,and put the satisfactory of our client on the top position ,

Service system:
In the pre-sale stage, Marketing Department will be responsible with responding the client .
At middle sale stage, The project team undertake responsibility for response to customer request .project manager as the first responsible person who have responsibility with the service speed and quality .
At after-sales stage,the project implementation department will shoulder the responsibility to respond the client’s claims .the manager of the project department will be the first responsible person .
Client will make comments on our service by calling,fill up the after sales record card or by QA visit to client ,quality department will monitor the service quality .

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