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• 12V / 24V / 36V / 48V / 64V / 72V Series 
• ≥6500 Times Deep Cycle Life
• Full of Power, Built-in Security System
• Support Customization of Your Brand

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The Light Weight


Run Time


Charges Up To 5x Faster




Safe & Reliable

36V 48V 72V Golf Cart Lifepo4 Battery Customized

Peace Of Mind With Maximum Efficiency – Delong Energy

Delong’s golf cart lithium batteries are newly upgraded. Smaller size, longer lifespan, and more durable quality! We provide power sources for many well-known golf cart brands. Not only do we offer highly compatible off-the-shelf batteries, but we can also customize according to the specific needs of different vehicles.

If you’ve always been using lithium batteries but are seeking a better experience, you can opt for Delong. If you have been using lead-acid batteries but wish to experience the advantages of lithium batteries, we recommend Delong as well. That’s because Delong lithium batteries live up to your expectations.

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Our Lithium Battery

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Our 48V lithium batteries are specifically designed for golf carts, but can also be used in automated guided vehicles, forklifts, electric boats, and more. In addition to 48V options with capacities of 50Ah, 100Ah, 105Ah, 150Ah, and 200Ah, we also offer a range of other specifications including 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, and 72V. If you have a need for our products, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Last Longer. Go Further. Play Harder.

Support Customization
Golf Cart Lifepo4 Battery

48V 150Ah

6500+ Cycles Life 

10 Year Warranty

LED / Bluetooth /Charger

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Golf Cart Lifepo4 Battery

48V 105Ah

Maintenance Free

10 Year Warranty

LED / Bluetooth /Charger

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Golf Cart Lifepo4 Battery

48V 50Ah

6500+ Cycles Life

10 Year Warranty

LED / Bluetooth /Charger

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More Advantages Of Lithium Battery

Our lithium batteries may have different appearances, but they share common features. Providing excellent lithium batteries for all golf cart enthusiasts in need is our original intention, and these are also our advantages after a comprehensive upgrade.

Lead-acid Battery vs lifepo4 Battery

Switch From Lead-Acid To Lithium Battery, Why ?

Yes, lithium batteries have so many advantages. If you are still hesitant about whether to replace your existing lead-acid batteries, let’s make a simple comparison. As the picture shows.

Lithium batteries have a higher energy density, allowing for smaller sizes and lighter weights. They take up less space and do not affect the manoeuvrability and energy efficiency of golf carts.

Considering energy density, service life, size, weight, and subsequent maintenance, lithium batteries still have a slight edge. Although the initial investment is high, you will quickly reap the benefits from the subsequent use of lithium batteries.

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Why Choose Delong Energy?

13 Years of Experience

Customizing lithium-ion battery packs for global users since 2012

Strong R&D Team

11 national patents, customized battery solutions for over 100,000 companies.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Created for household, commercial, medical, security, photovoltaics, etc.

High-Quality Batteries

Grade A cells, sophisticated testing equipment, professional quality inspectors, higher efficiency and safety.

Complete Certifications

With UN38.3/MSDS/UL/CE/ROHS and other certifications, you can confidently use it.

After-Sales Worry Free

10-year utral long warranty, technicians provide after-sales service and support.

Fully Certifications For Battery

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Now, You Can Custom Lithium Battery For Your Golf Cart!

We are a professional lithium battery manufacturer capable of providing tailor-made battery solutions for any brand of golf cart. This includes, but is not limited to, Yamaha, Icon, EZGO, Club Car, GEM, Advanced EV, Bad Boy, Coleman, Kandi, Madjax X-series, Navitas Storm, Titan, Tomberlin. Whatever your customization needs are, we strive to fulfill them to the fullest. No MOQ.


Cases Of Custom Golf Cart Lithium Battery

Yes, in addition to 48V, 12V, 24V, 36V, and 72V are also within the customization range. These are just a small fraction of all the cases designed for our customers. Although we can’t list them all, we want you to know that we can meet your needs. Please do not hesitate to leave us a message now.

48V 150Ah Golf Cart Lithium Battery
48V 105Ah Golf Cart Lithium Battery
48V 160Ah Golf Cart Lithium Battery
48V 60Ah Golf Cart Lithium Battery
72V 60Ah Golf Cart Lithium Battery
48V 200Ah Golf Cart Lithium Battery
24V 300Ah Golf Cart Lithium Battery
51.2V 52Ah Golf Cart Lithium Battery
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Outstanding product! Highly Recommended! Customer service was great! The design of the battery was solid.


It has been running for a while without any problems. My customers are also very satisfied and will continue to cooperate with them


The battery was exactly what I wanted looks great Packing was great Looking forward to using it.thank you susan.

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