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We have supplied lithium batteries for recreational vehicles (RV), leisure, motorhomes, campers, and caravans for over 13 years.

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Your RV Battery Supplier In China

Delong boasts a professional R&D team; our experienced engineers can provide battery solutions for any type of motorhome. We have a 6,000-square-meter factory in Dongguan, equipped with three advanced production lines that stand ready to produce high-quality batteries at any time, and we ensure punctual delivery.

If your motorhome is in need of a power source, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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12V Lithium RV Battery By Application Scenarios

Ranging from 7Ah to 900Ah, 12V to 48V. LCD, Bluetooth and heating functionality are available. Carry handles, waterproof casing, easy to operate, customization is supported.

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12V 200Ah RV Battery

Featuring A-grade lithium iron phosphate batteries with a cycle life of 6,500 times, the wall-mounted & compact design can save space. It has a handle at the top for easy transport, and customization is supported.

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Lithium RV Battery

12V Lithium RV Battery – Battery Compartment Type.  It has handles on the top, a lifespan of 12 years, an LCD screen, installed with M10 screws, and supports customization.

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12V Deep Cycle RV Solar Battery By Current

LiFePO4 Chemistry, Built-in BMS, Max (4) in Series up to 48V, Bluetooth, IP55 Waterproof, ABS+PC, Self-Heating / LCD Optional.

12 100Ah Lifepo4 Battery

12V 100Ah RV Battery

6500+ Cycle Life. Used For Leisure, Trailer, Camper, Caravan. Support Custom.

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12.8V 150Ah LiFePO4 Battery for RV

12V 150Ah RV Battery

Light Weight. Used For Motorhome, Caravan, Household, Golf Cart. OEM & ODM.

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12V 200Ah Lithium Battery

12V 200Ah RV Battery

Waterproof. Used For Camper, Caravan, UPS, Household. Series up to 24V / 36V /48V.

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12.8V 300Ah LiFePO4 Battery For RV

12V 300Ah RV Battery

No Maintenance. Used In Leisure, Campervan, AGV, Boat. Alternative Gel/ AGM Batteries.

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12.8V 120Ah LiFePO4 Battery

12V 120Ah RV Battery

Environmental Friendly. Support Series And Parallel. Save Spaces. Offer Charger.

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12.8V 280Ah LiFePO4 Battery For RV

12V 280Ah RV Battery

Built In Smart BMS For Safety. Bluetooth & Self-heating & LCD Optional.

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220V Portable Power Station 1000w

1000W Power Station

12V 100Ah Battery + Inverter. Plug And Play. Used in RV, Camping, Tent Trucks, Fishing, Power Backup.

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Custom Service

Provide Lifepo4 Battery Custom Service For Any Applications. Contact Now.

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The Reason Use Delong Lithium RV Battery

Long Service Life

6500 charge-discharge cycles can allow a lithium battery to accompany your RV for up to 12 years.


Lithium batteries support series and parallel connections, which can help you obtain higher voltage or capacity.

Convenient To Charge

Supports three types of charging methods, making charging more convenient; dedicated charger, significantly reducing the charging time.

Small Volume & Light Weight

At the same capacity, the volume and weight of a lithium RV battery may be only one-third of a lead-acid battery.

Good Safety Performance

The chemical properties of lithium iron phosphate batteries are more stable, they have stronger environmental adaptability, and there is almost no possibility of explosion.


No need to monitor the water level, no need to add water, no need for frequent cleaning of the terminals, giving you more time for yourself.

Environmentally Friendly

Lithium batteries do not contain heavy metals, making them very environmentally friendly.

10-Year Warranty

We provide up to a 10-year after-sales service guarantee. During this period, should you have any issues, feel free to contact us at any time. Our confidence comes from our quality.

12V RV Battery

Intelligent BMS Ensures Safety Performance

BMS is an indispensable part of the battery. A superior BMS can comprehensively monitor the status of the RV’s lithium battery and serve a protective role. For instance, the BMS can prevent circumstances such as overcharging, over-discharging, and short-circuiting of the battery, which helps to prolong the battery’s lifespan.

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Bluetooth Function – Real-time Monitoring

If you want to experience a more convenient lifestyle, then a caravan lithium battery equipped with Bluetooth functionality can satisfy your needs. The Bluetooth function allows you to understand the battery status in real time, including battery level, voltage, current, and temperature, to prevent unsafe situations like insufficient battery power and excessive temperature.

Moreover, you can directly charge and discharge the battery on your phone, taking control of more possibilities in life and enhancing the comfort of your travels.

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12 100Ah Lifepo4 Battery With Bluetooth
Lead-acid Battery vs lifepo4 Battery

Lead Acid Substitute – Better Value for Money

It’s not difficult to see that lithium batteries outperform lead-acid batteries in several respects, including volume, weight, density, lifespan, and maintenance costs. Although the initial price may be slightly higher, it quickly reaches parity with that of a lead-acid battery, ultimately benefiting from the attributes of the lithium battery.

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Why Choose DelongTop As Your RV Battery Supplier?

 Delong has been in the lithium battery industry for 13 years. With rich production experience and a reliable team, we continuously supply eco-friendly energy – lithium batteries – to more than 120 countries around the world.

Our team of engineers develops new products every year and continually upgrades the battery configurations. Multiple advanced production lines strictly control product quality according to production processes, and we are receiving increasingly comprehensive international quality system certifications, such as ISO 9001, UL, CE, and MSDS.

We are committed to providing practical energy solutions for our customers and offering competitive prices for your orders. To address any of your concerns, please feel free to contact us to discuss further solutions.

A+ Battery Cells
Delong Energy Factory
Delong Energy Factory
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Custom RV Battery Service

Custom Lithium Battery Pack

You can customize lithium batteries in any form from Delong, whether for use in RVs, motorhomes, campers, trailers, or trucks. Just provide the details of your vehicle, and our engineers will offer suggestions based on actual needs, customizing suitable battery specifications for your vehicle, including voltage, current, size, operating temperature, etc. You can also add additional features according to your preferences, such as Bluetooth and self-heating functions.

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OEM / ODM RV Battery

Delong is a professional lithium battery manufacturer, we can undertake any projects related to lithium batteries. We provide the highest quality services at the most competitive prices.

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Supply Lithium Battery for Different RVs




Product Picture

Class A   

Class A motorhome is the largest size among self-propelled motorhomes, with the most complete facilities. It can accommodate 6-8 people, equipped with a garage, suitable for long-term travel or luxury camping.

12.8V 300Ah LiFePO4 Battery Size

Class B

Class B motorhomes are also recreational vehicles. They are designed with a converted interior that can accommodate 2 people, as well as sizes for 3-4 people, making them suitable for living and camping.

12.8V 280Ah LiFePO4 Battery With Bluetooth

Class C   

Class C motorhomes retain the original chassis’ driving area, but the living area is redesigned and manufactured, thus creating more space that can accommodate 4-6 people.



Similar to class B campervans, it places more emphasis on basic camping facilities, as well as more flexible and economical ways of traveling.

12 100Ah Lifepo4 Battery

Travel Trailer

Towable RVs need to be towed by a car, pickup truck or SUV. The size is close to class C.

12.8V 150Ah LiFePO4 Battery Size

Fifth Wheel Trailer

Similar to a camping trailer, an external vehicle is required for towing. It is the same size as a class A motorhome, but has more interior space, making it suitable for long-term living.


Truck Campers

A room installed on a pickup truck, complete with areas for cooking, bathing, and sleeping. When the room is not in use, it can be disassembled from the pickup.


Listen To What Our Customers Say

The supplier was very supportive from negotiation, configuration of my specifications to shipment. The clearing and forwarding agent also did a great job. Thank you-Susan

B**********t, United States

Pros: – After 2 months of heavy use it still reads right. This battery holds up well. – bms does a good job at protecting from under voltage as I’ve already made that mistake – daily affordable compared to other similar options – good support for parallel and series connections THANKS SUSAN

s**************e, 25 Jun 2023

Battery has enough capacity, well packaged and good quality. 

Daisy is very professional, she has a good attitude.

J***********e, 25 Dec 2023

FAQ About RV Battery

The expected lifespan of lithium RV batteries is generally 5-10 years. The lithium RV batteries provided by Delong can be used for about 12 years and withstand over 6500 charge-discharge cycles. Of course, the actual lifespan of the battery depends on charging habits, storage conditions, and usage frequency.

Yes, it’s recommended that you equip a dedicated charger for your lithium RV battery. A dedicated charger can ensure that the charging process is carried out safely and efficiently, and it is beneficial for extending the battery life. Delong can provide dedicated chargers that are compatible with the battery specifications.

The size of the lithium battery for motorhomes is related to the space and load of the motorhome, the voltage of the motorhome system, the capacity of the battery, and the endurance demands. It is recommended that you consult with a professional or battery supplier to get the most suitable battery specifications.

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