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Are you looking for a more reliable alternative power source for your electric mower? Delong Energy offers a more stable and long-lasting lithium battery solution. The lithium battery for lawn mowers has a high energy density, and it is compact and lightweight. It can fully utilize its capacity, providing a runtime that is several times longer than that of lead-acid batteries. With 13 years of expertise and competitive pricing, Delong Energy will be your reliable manufacturer of lithium ion batteries for lawn mowers.

Choose Quality Lithium Lawn Mower Battery

12V 7Ah Lithium Lawn Mower Battery

Stable power output, helping you complete your work quickly and efficiently. The BMS prevents overcharging, ensuring safe use.

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12V 12Ah Lithium Lawn Mower Battery

Its runtime allows you to complete lawn maintenance tasks in residential areas, parks, or golf courses while working.

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12V 20Ah Lithium Lawn Mower Battery

Maintenance-free with an extended lifespan of 12 years, giving you more time to rest or attend to other matters.

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12V 40Ah Lithium Lawn Mower Battery

Using A-grade battery cells, and delivers powerful output, making it the most reliable lithium battery.

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24V Lithium Lawn Mower Battery

Lightweight, effectively reduce the burden when using ride-on or push lawn mowers, and decrease energy consumption.

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36V Lithium Lawn Mower Battery

More durable, safer, and environmentally friendly, the charging speed is faster,  increasing your work efficiency.

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40V Lithium Lawn Mower Battery

Give your lawn mower more power, to trim small residential yards or commercial green spaces with higher performance.

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80V Lithium Lawn Mower Battery

Ideal for agricultural, landscaping companies, or government agencies to trim large areas of green space,  increasing profits.

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We Can Supply Lithium Battery For All Types of  Lawn Mower

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Advantages of Delong Lithium Lawn Mower Battery

Can’t Find Your Battery? Custom Solution Is Available

Don’t worry about not finding the right lithium battery! Delong has a professional team of engineers that can provide custom lithium battery solutions for your lawn mower. You can customize the battery’s voltage, capacity, size, shape, interface, and BMS according to the specifications of your lawn mower. 

Whether you are in the landscaping industry, property management, agricultural enterprises, or government agencies, we ensure that our lithium batteries will perfectly fit your machine, allowing you to complete lawn mowing and maintenance tasks safely and efficiently.


Why Choose Delong As Your Lithium Lawn Mower Battery Supplier?

Delong Energy can provide lithium lawnmower batteries in various voltages including 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, and 56V, with capacities starting from 4Ah and 5Ah. As an experienced lithium battery manufacturer, our engineers and factory can tailor power solutions specifically for you. Whether you are involved in landscaping, property management, agricultural enterprises, or government agencies, Delong can offer suitable solutions. Our confidence stems from our 13-year history.

As a lithium lawnmower battery factory, we demand not just quality. In order to ensure smoother operation of our clients’ projects, we provide prices with absolute competitive advantages while ensuring quality. Do not hesitate, get a solution for your equipment now.

  • 13+ Years of Lithium Battery Factory

  • Factory Direct Price To Save Your Cost

  • 10 Years Warranty For All Battery 

  • Short Lead Time, 3 Production Lines

  • Support OEM / ODM Services

Custom Lithium Battery Pack
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Get The Best Cost Effective Via Lithium Battery

As a lithium lawn mower battery manufacturer, we not only ensure product performance but also strive to make our customers’ projects run more smoothly. To this end, we provide competitive prices while guaranteeing quality. 

Compared to lead-acid batteries, the initial investment in lithium batteries is slightly higher, but their performance, longevity, high efficiency, and safety will surely impress you! Don’t hesitate—get a highly cost-effective lithium battery for your electric lawnmower today.

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Certified Lithium Mower Battery For Your Business

Our deep cycle lawn mower and garden batteries meet environmental standards and comply with international quality certifications, such as CE, UL, MSDS, KC, UN38.3, and ROHS. We not only focus on quality but also aim to help you successfully enter the market.

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When we handle large areas of lawn, the endurance of Delong lithium lawn mower batteries is particularly outstanding. Their long continuous operation significantly improves our work efficiency.

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Our staff have reported that the lithium batteries are indeed much lighter. This not only makes the machines more maneuverable but also saves a lot of physical effort.


We have to praise Delong’s lithium lawn mower batteries. The BMS allows real-time monitoring of the battery status and also protects the battery. So far, we have not encountered any battery failures, making them very reliable.


The batteries do not need to be replaced frequently and require minimal maintenance. These two points alone have already created significant value for us as commercial users. It is indeed a very economical and cost-effective choice.



Of course. Lithium batteries have a high energy density, which means they can output more power with the same volume and weight. This allows electric lawn mowers using lithium batteries to work for longer periods without needing frequent recharges. 

Additionally, lithium lawn mower batteries are environmentally friendly, charge quickly, and have a low replacement frequency. These characteristics make lithium batteries increasingly used as replacements for lead-acid batteries in household lawn mowers, commercial lawn mowers, and electric trimmers, among other gardening tools.

The lifespan of lithium-ion lawn mower batteries is 3-5 times that of lead-acid batteries, typically lasting over 8 years. For example, Delong lithium batteries have a lifespan of 12 years. 

Of course, the actual lifespan of the battery can also be affected by factors such as usage frequency, charging and discharging habits, working environment, and storage conditions.

Good usage habits can help extend the lifespan of lithium lawn mower batteries. You can refer to the following points:

  1. Monitor the battery’s charging status to avoid overcharging.
  2. Pay attention to adjusting the environmental temperature while the battery is working, avoiding excessively high or low temperatures.
  3. Store idle batteries in a cool, dry place. If not used for a long time, regularly charge the battery.
  4. Regularly check and maintain the battery to keep it in good and clean condition.

Proper charging habits help keep lithium lawn mower batteries in optimal condition:

  1. Use the original or compatible charger and check if the battery and charger are intact.
  2. Ensure that the connections between the power outlet, charger, and battery are secure.
  3. Try to charge under room temperature conditions, avoiding moisture and water sources.
  4. Unplug the charger promptly after charging is complete to avoid overcharging.

Whether it is a lead-acid lawn mower battery or a lithium lawn mower battery, overcharging should be avoided. Overcharging not only shortens the battery’s lifespan but also leads to a decline in performance. Most importantly, overcharging increases the risk of fire or explosion.

Lawn mower batteries charged with a smart charger can remain plugged into the power source. The charger will stop charging once the battery is full and switch to maintenance mode to prevent overcharging. Conversely, standard chargers do not allow the battery to remain plugged in for extended periods.


Of course, the safest approach is to consult the battery manufacturer or refer to the battery charging guidelines.

First, charge the battery to between 40% and 60%.

Next, store it in a dry, cool place with an indoor temperature between 0℃ and 20℃, avoiding any pressure on the battery.

Finally, you need to regularly check the battery’s condition and charge it appropriately.

The higher the Ah (ampere-hour) rating, the longer the battery’s runtime, the more stable the power output, and the higher the lawn mower’s work efficiency. However, inevitably, a higher Ah rating also means the battery is heavier, takes longer to charge, and is more expensive.

Therefore, if your lawn area is large or the grass is thick and tall, a battery with a higher Ah rating is more suitable. But for small home yards, a battery with a lower Ah rating may be more economical and cost-effective.

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