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12.8V 12Ah LiFePO4 Battery DL-LFP-RP1212

  • 12.8V 12Ah LiFePO4 Battery
  • ≥6500 Times Deep Cycle
  • Outdoor Camping Backup Battery
  • Alternative Lead Acid / Gel / AGM Batteries
  • Light Weight and Easy To Carry
  • Brand: Delong Energy
  • Sample: Available For Test
  • Service: 10 Years Warranty
  • Support: OEM, ODM, OBM, Customized
  • Certificates: CE, UL, MSDS, IEC, UN38.3, ISO, etc.
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12.8V 12Ah LiFePO4 Battery For RV | DL-LFP-RP1212

This is a 12V 12Ah lithium battery manufactured by Delong Energy, with a nominal voltage of 12.8V and a nominal capacity of 12Ah, providing 153.6Wh of power for your devices. It is the preferred backup power source for outdoor camping. The battery’s casing uses impact-resistant ABS+PC materials, with a waterproof rating of IP55. By adding Bluetooth and LCD functionality, you can monitor the battery’s status at any time.

This 12.8V lithium battery is equipped with cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery (lifepo4) cells, with a configuration of 4S2P, totaling 8 PCs. All the battery cells used are of A-grade quality. The lifepo4 battery cells bring the following advantages to the battery pack:

12V lifepo4 battery

12V lifepo4 battery

Advantage of 12.8V 12Ah Lifepo4 Battery

  • More Than 6500 Cycles Life

Compared with the 3-5 year lifespan of lead-acid batteries, the designed service life of this 12.8V lifepo4 battery is 12 years, with a cycle count exceeding 6500 times.

  • Good Safety Performance

Lithium iron phosphate has stable chemical properties and is not easily affected by the environment, making it a reliable source of energy in your daily life.

  • No Memory Effect

Lifepo4 batteries have no memory effect, meaning you don’t need to fully discharge them before recharging. Additionally, they have low self-discharge rates, so they can maintain a relatively high capacity even when left idle for long periods.

  • Lightweight

Compared to lead-acid batteries, lifepo4 batteries have higher energy density. This means that for the same capacity, lifepo4 batteries have smaller volumes and are lighter. The weight of a 12.8V 12Ah lifepo4 battery is only 1.4kg, making it very suitable for carrying during outdoor camping, reducing your burden.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Lifepo4 batteries are environmentally friendly as they do not contain heavy metals, and their impact on the environment is negligible. They are now widely used to replace lead-acid, gel, and AGM batteries.

Built-in Smart BMS

Every 12V lithium battery must have a battery management system(BMS), because BMS can provide strong protection for the battery, as shown below:

12V lifepo4 battery bms

12V lifepo4 battery bms

Application Scenarios

12V lithium batteries are widely used, most commonly used as portable power sources, such as when you are camping in the wild. In addition, 12V batteries can be used in electric remote control cars, power tools, solar lighting, communication systems, medical equipment, etc. The built-in battery makes it more suitable for your equipment and easier to install and use on your RV.

12V lifepo4 Battery Application

12V lifepo4 Battery Application


We have MSDS, UN38.3, CB, CE, UL, KC, and more industry certifications, and the quality of the battery is reflected on every page of the certificate.

Lithium Battery Certification

Custom Battery Services

Our hot-selling batteries are not limited to 12.8V 12Ah. We offer customizations for capacities ranging from 7Ah, 10Ah, 50Ah, 100Ah to 300Ah. If you would like to customize power supply for your equipment, please feel free to contact us, and we will reply promptly.

12.8v 7ah Lifepo4 Battery

12.8v 20ah Lifepo4 Battery

12.8v 40ah Lifepo4 Battery

12.8v 75ah Lifepo4 Battery

12.8v 100ah Lifepo4 Battery

12.8v 200ah Lifepo4 Battery

What We Can Provide For You

  • 13 Years of lithium battery factory can provide the lowest prices
  • Support sample testing, no minimum order quantity
  • 3 production lines to ensure on-time delivery
  • Professional R&D team to tailor battery solutions for you
  • Each battery comes with a 10-year quality warranty
Delong Energy Factory

Delong Energy Factory

Technical Data

Model DL-LFP-RP1212
Product Specification 12V 12Ah
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 12Ah
Battery Energy 153.6Wh
Max Charge Current 5A
Charging Cut-off Voltage 14.6V±0.2V
Max Discharge Current 10A
Discharging Cut-off Voltage 9.2V±0.2V
Cell Type LiFePO4 Battery
Display /
Terminal Faston 250 (F2)
Case Material ABS+PC
Waterproof Level IP55
Charge Temperature Range 0~45
Discharge Temperature Range -5~55
Cycle Life ≥6500 Cycles
Designed Life 12 Years
Colour Black
Weight 1.4Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 151*99*95mm
Assembly Method Built In

PDF Download

12.8V 12Ah Battery PDF Download


1. Is Delong Energy a lithium battery factory?
Delong Energy is a battery factory with 11 years of experience, which integrates research, development, production, and sales.

2. How about the quality of lithium battery products from Delong Energy?
Delong Energy has a strong R&D team and a set of international certifications, including MSDS, UN38.3, FCC, IEC62133, CE, UL, KC, BIS, CB, ROHS, and ISO9001:2015 certified.

3. Can you do An OEM/ODM project?
We have engineers who can help you design and R&D any related products.

4. Can you customize the battery pack for more function?
Yes, we have a professional engineering team to provide an excellent solution for you.

5. Do you have MOQ?
No limited.

6. Can I have samples to test? And what is the lead time for a sample order?
Yes, we can supply samples. The lead time for samples is 3-5 days. The buyer pays for the sample cost and shipping cost.

7. What is your term of payment?
We adopt T/T, Paypal, Alibaba payment way, Credit Card, Visa, Echecking, Master Card, Trade Assurance, etc.

8. Do you provide after-sales service?
Yes, the battery warranty is 10 years. If there are any quality problems on our side in this period, we can send a new one as a replacement.


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