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Product Catalog – Shenzhen Delong Energy Co., Ltd.


Wall-Mounted Battery Series 

2.4-5kwh Wall Mounted Series Datasheet | DL-LFP25100 / DL-LFP25120 / DL-LFP-4850 / DL-LFP-5150

2.4-3kwh Wall Mounted Series Datasheet | DL-LFP24100J / DL-LFP4850J / DL-LFP5150J / DL-LFP24200J / DL-LFP48100J / DL-LFP51100J

5-10kwh Wall Mounted Series Datasheet | DL-LFP-HW48200 / DL-LFP-HW51200 / DL-LFP-HW25200

9-10kwh Powerwall Series Datasheet | DL-LFP48200 / DL-LFP51200

4.8-15.36Kwh Stackable & Wall Mounted Series Datasheet | DL-LFP48100 & DL-LFP51100


Stackable Battery Series

DL-LFP-HS51100 Datasheet – Stackable Series

DL-LFP-HS51200 Datasheet – Stackable Series

DL-LFP-HS51300 Datasheet – Stackable Series 

DL-LFP-HV32-10 Datasheet – High Voltage – Stackable Series

DL-LFP-HV16-5/10 Datasheet – High Voltage – Stackable Series


All In One Battery Series

DL-LFP-51100 Datasheet – All In One Series

DL-LFP-51200 Datasheet – All In One Series


Rack Mounted Battery Series

DL-LFP-BE51100 Datasheet – Rack Mounted Series

DL-LFP-BE51200 Datasheet – Rack Mounted Series

DL-LFP-BE51300 Datasheet – Rack Mounted Series


12.8V Lithium Battery Series

7Ah ~ 200Ah – Lead Acid Battery Replaced By Lithium Battery Datasheet


AGV Lifepo4 Battery Series

DL-LFP-AGV51200 / DL-LFP-AGV5140 – AGV Lifepo4 Battery Datasheet


RV Lifepo4 Battery Series

DL-LFP-RV12200 / DL-LFP-RV12280 – RV Lifepo4 Battery Datasheet 


Golf Cart Battery Series

 DL-GP5150 / DL-GP51100 / DL-GP51105 / DL-GP51150 / DL-GP51200 – Golf Cart Battery Datasheet


12V Portable Power Station

12V Battery+1000W AC Output Inverter Datasheet – DL-LFP12 Plus-1000

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