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What Is A Electric Forklift Battery?

Forklift batteries are specially designed power sources used to supply electricity to electric forklifts, enabling them to perform tasks such as loading, unloading, handling, and transporting goods. There are mainly two types of forklift batteries: lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries. Delong Energy specializes in providing lightweight and efficient lithium-ion batteries.

Choose Lithium-Ion Forklift Battery From Delong

Golf Cart Lithium Battery

24V Lifepo4 Forklift Battery

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Golf Cart Lithium Battery

36V Lifepo4 Forklift Battery

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Golf Cart Lithium Battery

48V Lifepo4 Forklift Battery

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Golf Cart Lithium Battery

Custom Lifepo4 Forklift Battery

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Why Use Lithium Forklift Battery Of Delong?

Stable Power Output

Lithium iron phosphate batteries offer longer runtime and a flat discharge curve, providing stable power to electric forklifts. They enable all forklifts to operate around the clock and maintain high productivity, enhancing operational efficiency through shift work.

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Intelligent BMS Ensures Safety

12V RV Battery

The intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) with Canbus can monitor and communicate in real-time. The BMS balances and manages the battery to maintain consistency during charging processes, preventing issues such as overcharging. It allows you to charge the battery at any time during shift changes without causing damage, keeping the battery in optimal condition.

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12.8V 300Ah LiFePO4 Battery Charging Methods

Faster Charging Speed Increases Operating Time

Delong lithium forklift batteries charge quickly and flexibly, allowing for charging during work breaks. This not only effectively reduces downtime but also increases the number of shifts, greatly enhancing productivity. Additionally, we provide compatible lithium battery chargers, along with three convenient charging methods.

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Reduce Your Operating Costs with Efficiency and Performance

While lead-acid batteries are less expensive, they are large and bulky, occupying more space. Their inability to fully utilize their capacity results in shorter battery life. In contrast, lithium batteries are only one-third the size and weight of lead-acid batteries and surpass them in efficiency, performance, and lifespan, offering a higher cost-performance ratio upon comparison.

Additionally, Delong is a lithium forklift battery factory with 13 years of manufacturing experience. We provide highly competitive prices while ensuring product quality. This not only reduces your upfront costs but also enhances the operational efficiency of your forklifts, thereby improving your economic benefits.

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Custom Good Solutions For Any Brand and Size Of Forklift

As a professional lithium forklift battery manufacturer, we have a strong R&D team. Our engineers can tailor efficient power solutions for your fleet of forklifts, including voltage, current, BMS, operating temperature, and casing. We offer a wide range of custom lithium forklift batteries, not limited to any brand or model, such as Hyundai, Yale, Hyster, Crown, TCM, Linde, and Doosan.

Additionally, we can also customize batteries for boom lifts, scissor lifts, pallet trucks, order pickers, and cherry pickers.

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Delong Battery – Your Trusted Partner in China

Choosing the Delong brand means selecting a highly reliable lifepo4 forklift battery supplier. We have a research and development team and a 6,000 square meter ISO-certified factory in China. Our battery production process is stringent and upholds high standards, complemented by advanced testing equipment. Additionally, with over 200 skilled technicians, we can quickly produce high-quality batteries and deliver them to you.

Welcome to choose Delong company: we are confident in becoming your trusted dealer, supplier, and backup manufacturer for premium lithium forklift batteries.

  • 13+ Years of Lithium Battery Factory

  • Factory Direct Price To Save Your Cost

  • Short Lead Time, 3 Production Lines

  • 10 Years Warranty For All Battery

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Our Certificates

Lithium Battery Certification

Our lithium iron phosphate batteries undergo rigorous testing, including drop and high-temperature tests. They not only meet international certifications such as CE, UL, KC, PSE, MSDS, UN38.3, and RoHS but also provide numerous conveniences and safety assurances for your projects.

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OEM / ODM Service

As a deep-cycle lithium forklift battery factory, we have the capability to undertake lithium battery OEM/ODM services for various industries. We are able to supply rechargeable green energy to customers around the world, enhancing project returns.

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Supply Deep Cycle Forklift Battery For Any Industry

Lithium battery packs provide a continuous and reliable power supply for forklifts, enabling them to work efficiently and keeping many industries running at high speed.

Warehousing and Logistics

In large distribution centers and logistics parks, warehouses are stacked with numerous goods. Lithium batteries enable forklifts to quickly load and unload, enhancing storage efficiency.

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Production lines in food, automotive, electronics, and heavy industrial manufacturing rely heavily on forklifts. Forklifts powered by lithium batteries can efficiently handle raw materials and finished products for extended periods, enhancing productivity.

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Construction Industry

Forklifts on construction sites significantly enhance work efficiency. They are capable of transporting materials such as cement, steel, and bricks, and are also valuable assets in large construction projects.

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Retail Industry

Large retailers, supermarkets, or wholesale markets also require frequent use of forklifts. They are essential for handling inventory in warehouses and moving goods at the back of stores, especially those that are bulky and heavy.

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Ports and Shipping

Forklifts in ports require a high load capacity. Lithium batteries can help forklifts handle heavy goods, such as loading and unloading containers.

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Forklifts can be used in agricultural such as orchards and granaries to transport materials, including packaged agricultural products and fertilizers, significantly improving operational efficiency.

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Mining and Quarrying

In mines and quarries, forklifts can transport ores, rocks, and other heavy materials, freeing up human and physical resources.

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Chemical and Hazardous Materials Handling

Forklifts used in the chemical industry can safely transport chemicals or other hazardous materials.

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Forklifts at airports can be used for transporting luggage, cargo, and aircraft maintenance parts.

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Cold Chain Logistics

In cold storage facilities with low ambient temperatures, forklifts can be used to handle frozen goods and other refrigerated items.

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See What They Say About Delong

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Since our company switched to Delong lithium forklift batteries, we have observed a significant increase in charging speed, and the battery life has also greatly improved. This has been very helpful for our daily multi-shift operations, effectively reducing equipment downtime caused by battery issues.

Warehouse Manager, Logistics Company

Although the initial investment in Delong’s lithium iron phosphate forklift batteries was a bit stressful, in the long run, the low maintenance requirements and longer lifespan of the batteries have indeed saved us a considerable amount in maintenance costs and replacement expenses. Additionally, due to their environmentally friendly characteristics, we are also better able to meet our company’s sustainability goals.

Procurement Manager, Manufacturing Company,

Delong lithium forklift batteries have performed excellently on our construction sites. Despite the challenging external working conditions, including high temperatures and dust, the reliability and durability of these batteries have been very satisfying. We hardly need to worry about the batteries failing at critical moments.

Equipment Maintenance Engineer, Construction Company

We chose Delong forklift batteries primarily for their high safety performance. Previously, when using other brands, we encountered issues with battery overheating. Delong’s batteries are equipped with an excellent temperature control system, which gives us greater peace of mind during use.

Operations Manager, Retail Chain Enterprise


The lifespan of lithium forklift batteries typically ranges from 5 to 10 years, capable of completing about 3000 full charge-discharge cycles. Of course, the specific lifespan depends on the quality of the battery, frequency of use, operating environment, charging management, and maintenance condition. Delong lithium forklift batteries are designed for a lifespan of 12 years.

Yes, forklifts can use lithium-ion batteries as a power source, and the material handling industry is increasingly shifting towards lithium-ion technology. 

Lithium batteries feature advanced battery management systems, and offer fast charging speeds, long service life, minimal maintenance, and high efficiency, making the overall cost lower than the initial investment. 

Lithium-ion solutions provide higher work efficiency with lower operating costs, proving that the transition from lead to lithium is justified by the long-term benefits created for forklift fleets and businesses.

As mentioned above, you can determine which type of battery is more satisfactory for you by considering the forklift’s application requirements, working environment, budget, long-term benefits, environmental friendliness, and maintenance costs.

Which type of battery is better for your forklift depends on your specific needs.

Lithium-ion batteries are slightly more expensive, but they are smaller and lighter, have a longer lifespan, higher operational efficiency, more stable discharge performance, and are equipped with an intelligent BMS to ensure safety. They also require less maintenance.

Lead-acid batteries are less expensive and have a mature recycling system. However, they are larger and heavier, and require regular maintenance to perform well. In terms of service life, they need to be replaced more frequently, which means more time and money will be spent.

You see, depending on which characteristics (cost, operational efficiency, maintenance) better meet your needs, that will determine the better electric forklift battery for you.

Proper maintenance of lithium-ion batteries can not only extend their lifespan but also keep the forklift running efficiently for a long time. You can follow these maintenance guidelines:

Use the appropriate charger to charge the lithium battery in a timely manner and avoid overcharging and deep discharging.

Keep the lithium battery and its surrounding environment clean and dry to prevent poor contact or short circuits caused by dust, moisture, and other factors.

Regularly check the BMS reports and warnings, pay attention to the battery’s charging and discharging conditions to ensure it is in optimal condition.

Avoid using the battery in extreme temperature conditions and direct sunlight exposure, as this can affect battery performance and lifespan.

Although lithium forklift batteries require low maintenance, it is still necessary to perform regular checks and maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the battery remains in a healthy state.

Certainly. We have engineers who can provide you with a tailored battery upgrade solution, utilizing advanced lithium iron phosphate technology to enhance the performance and efficiency of your forklift.

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