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Delong Energy specializes in providing lightweight, compact, and durable lithium fish finder batteries. Employing lithium iron phosphate technology, these batteries are more stable and safer, helping you to conduct longer underwater operations and enhance the efficiency and practicality of your fishfinder.

Delong lithium batteries are available in various sizes, ranging from 7Ah to several hundred amperes, with voltages of 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V. Additionally, we offer customized lithium battery solutions. Delong’s lithium fishfinder batteries are not only high in energy density but also lightweight, making them a reliable portable power source.

Waterproof Lithium Fish Finder Battery From Delong

12V 7Ah Lithium Battery With Charger

The 7Ah lithium battery, utilizing advanced lithium iron phosphate technology, is a portable rechargeable battery for fishfinders.

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12V 12Ah Lithium Battery With Charger

The 12Ah battery boasts high energy density, compact size, yet delivers outstanding performance and powerful functionality.

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12V 20Ah Lithium Battery With Charger

This 20Ah lithium battery, featuring lithium iron phosphate technology and an ABS waterproof casing, can replace SLA batteries.

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12V 40Ah Lithium Battery With Charger

The 40Ah lithium battery weighs only half as much as traditional lead-acid batteries, yet offers twice the capacity.

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The Delong Lithium Battery Advantage For The Fish Finder

Why Choose Delong As Your Lithium Fish Finder Battery Supplier?

Since its establishment in 2011, Delong has been providing powerful lithium batteries to customers around the world. Our manufacturing facility, located in Dongguan, covers an area of 6,000 square meters and is ISO certified. The factory is equipped with three advanced production lines and over 200 skilled technicians. 

We always prioritize quality, continuously optimizing costs while ensuring product quality, striving to offer better services to our users. As more users switch from lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries, Delong is committed to being their stable and reliable lithium battery supplier.

  • 13+ Years of Lithium Battery Factory

  • Factory Direct Price To Save Your Cost

  • 10 Years Warranty For All Fishfinder Battery
  • Short Lead Time, 3 Production Lines

  • Support OEM / ODM Services

A+ Battery Cells
Delong Energy Factory
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Boost Your Cost Efficiency with Our Factory Direct Price

Delong is a lithium fish finder battery factory with 13 years of manufacturing experience. Whether you are an equipment manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, a professional fishing team, or a service provider, we can offer you competitive prices based on our extensive experience and technology. We are committed to reducing the project costs for each of our clients and enhancing the profitability of your projects.

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Tailored Lithium Battery Solutions for Perfect Performance

As a leading lithium fish finder battery manufacturer in China, we can provide custom lithium battery solutions for all users. Delong has a strong R&D team capable of customizing different technical and specification requirements for our customers. Additionally, we offer a ten-year after-sales warranty and technical support for our customized products.

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Lithium Battery Certification

Meet Eco Standards with Our Certified Safe Batteries

Delong lithium batteries comply with international standards such as CE, UL, KC, IEC, ROHS, MSDS, and UN38.3 certifications. These certifications not only ensure the safety and environmental friendliness of your products but also provide greater convenience for the smooth progress of your projects. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Real Reviews Of Delong Lithium Fish Finder Battery

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‘As a shop owner specializing in fishing and outdoor equipment, I am very pleased with the Delong lithium fishfinder batteries. Since introducing these batteries, customer feedback has been excellent, especially regarding the battery’s longevity and charging speed. I’ve also noticed that these batteries perform exceptionally well in our sales, with a high customer repurchase rate. Additionally, Delong’s pricing strategy allows us to maintain a good profit margin, and I plan to continue increasing our order volume.’

Outdoor Gear Store Owner

‘Our company uses Delong lithium batteries in the latest models of our fishfinders. The high energy density and low-temperature performance of these batteries are crucial for our products, especially since our equipment is often used in cold environments. Certainly, collaborating with Delong has significantly enhanced the market competitiveness of our products, as end-users highly value the reliability and long-lasting performance of the equipment.’

Fishing Equipment Manufacturer

‘In participating in several long-duration fishing competitions, I have found that Delong’s fishfinder batteries perform exceptionally well. The batteries not only charge quickly but also have strong endurance, fully meeting our needs for efficiency and durability. Additionally, the customer service provided by Delong is very professional. We encountered a technical issue before one competition, and their team responded quickly and provided a solution, ensuring that our equipment performed excellently during the contest.’

Professional Fishing Team Leader

‘In our commercial fishing operations, reliable equipment is crucial. Choosing Delong lithium batteries as the power source for our fishfinders was a wise decision. These batteries not only provide the high-efficiency energy output required but also perform stably under various climatic conditions, greatly enhancing operational efficiency and safety. In terms of pricing, although the initial investment is higher, considering their durability and reduced maintenance needs, it is cost-effective in the long run.

Fishing Company Operations Manager
LightWeight Lithium Battery

Don’t Hesitate To Switch

Traditional lead-acid batteries are bulky, inefficient, and less reliable. Delong has been designing the ideal lithium batteries to enhance your fishing experience. Our lithium batteries can be perfectly compatible with your equipment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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