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12.8V 20Ah LiFePO4 Battery DL-LFP-RP1220

  • 12.8V 20Ah LiFePO4 Battery
  • ≥6500 Times Deep Cycle @ 0.5C 80%DOD
  • Outdoor Camping Backup Battery
  • Alternative Lead Acid / Gel / AGM Batteries
  • Light Weight and Easy To Carry
  • Brand: Delong Energy
  • Sample: Available For Test
  • Service: 10 Years Warranty
  • Support: OEM, ODM, OBM, Customized
  • Certificates: CE, UL, MSDS, IEC, UN38.3, ISO, etc.
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12.8V 20Ah LiFePO4 Battery Replace Lead Acid DL-LFP-RP1220

This is a 12V lithium battery produced by Delong Energy. It has a nominal voltage of 12.8V and a current rating of 20Ah. The energy provided by the 12.8V 20Ah lithium battery is 256Wh, which can continuously power a 30W device for around 7 hours, fully meeting the daily power needs of devices like your tablet. In addition to its long battery life, it also has the following advantages:


  1. Good safety performance

This lithium battery, manufactured by Delong Energy, uses A-grade lithium iron phosphate (lifepo4) battery cells, which have stable chemical properties, making it safe and reliable for everyday use.

  1. Long service life

This 12.8V lifepo4 battery can withstand up to 6500 cycles, providing you with continuous energy for the next ten years.

  1. Wide operating temperature range

It can function in temperatures ranging from -5 to 55℃ with good temperature adaptability.

  1. Compact Size

The dimensions of the 12.8V 20Ah lifepo4 battery (length × width × height) are 181 × 76 × 170mm,  requiring only a small corner to install.

  1. Lightweight

The 20Ah lifepo4 battery weighs only 2.2kg. When you go camping or on outdoor adventures, bringing it along won’t add much burden.

  1. Impact resistance

The battery’s shell uses ABS+PC multi-functional materials, providing strong impact resistance and it won’t be damaged even under squeezing.

  1. Waterproof Rating

It boasts an IP55 waterproof rating.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Lifepo4 batteries do not burden the natural environment, making them the preferred alternative to lead-acid / GEL / AGM batteries.

Built In Smart BMS

All 12.8V lifepo4 batteries are equipped with a smart Battery Management System (BMS), which comprehensively protects the battery from overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, and short circuits, helping to extend the battery’s lifespan.

12V lifepo4 battery bms

12V lifepo4 battery bms

Application Scenarios

12.8V lifepo4 batteries bring a lot of convenience to your daily life, as they can be applied in various industries. For example, in beloved camping activities, 12V batteries can be used as backup power sources. Furthermore, there is strong demand for 12V batteries in electric vehicles (such as recreational vehicles, convertible cars, electric bicycles), electric tools, electric toys, and so on.

12V lifepo4 Battery Application

12V lifepo4 Battery Application


Lithium Battery Certification

Custom Solution Service

Delong Energy is a lithium battery manufacturer that can provide customized services for you, including BMS, voltage, current, size, packaging, logo, etc. We also support OEM/ODM.


How We Can Help You?

  • A lithium battery factory covering an area of 6000 square meters.
  • Lithium batteries producing range from 12V to 96V.
  • The prices from the original factory can lower your costs.
  • Advanced production lines ensure on-time delivery.
  • Provide a 10-year extended warranty for you.
Delong Energy Factory

Delong Energy Factory

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Technical Data

Model DL-LFP-RP1220
Product Specification 12V 20Ah
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 20Ah
Battery Energy 256Wh
Max Charge Current 10A
Charging Cut-off  Voltage 14.6V±0.2V
Max Discharge Current 20A
Discharging Cut-off  Voltage 9.2V±0.2V
Cell Type LiFePO4 Battery
Display /
Terminal M5
Case Material ABS+PC
Waterproof  Level IP55
Charge Temperature Range 0~45℃
Discharge Temperature Range -5~55℃
Cycle Life ≥6500 Cycles
Designed Life 12 Years
Colour Black
Weight 2.2Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 181*76*170mm
Assembly Method Built In

PDF Download

12.8V 20Ah PDF Download


1. Is Delong Energy a lithium battery factory?
Delong Energy is a battery factory with 11 years of experience, which integrates research, development, production, and sales.

2. How about the quality of lithium battery products from Delong Energy?
Delong Energy has a strong R&D team and a set of international certifications, including MSDS, UN38.3, FCC, IEC62133, CE, UL, KC, BIS, CB, ROHS, and ISO9001:2015 certified.

3. Can you do An OEM/ODM project?
We have engineers who can help you design and R&D any related products.

4. Can you customize the battery pack for more function?
Yes, we have a professional engineering team to provide an excellent solution for you.

5. Do you have MOQ?
No limited.

6. Can I have samples to test? And what is the lead time for a sample order?
Yes, we can supply samples. The lead time for samples is 3-5 days. The buyer pays for the sample cost and shipping cost.

7. What is your term of payment?
We adopt T/T, Paypal, Alibaba payment way, Credit Card, Visa, Echecking, Master Card, Trade Assurance, etc.

8. Do you provide after-sales service?
Yes, the battery warranty is 10 years. If there are any quality problems on our side in this period, we can send a new one as a replacement.


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