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12V 100Ah Lifepo4 Battery Portable Power Station 1000W

  1. Voltage: 12.8V
  2. Battery Capacity: 100Ah / 120Ah / 150Ah
  3. Battery Energy: 1.28Kwh / 1.536Kwh / 1.92Kwh
  4. AC Out Power: 1000W Inverter
  5. DC Output: 640W (Anderson SB50 Output)
  6. Output Voltage: 200V~240VAC (Dual Port) Customizable Specifications
  • Brand: Delong Energy
  • Sample: Available For Test
  • Service: 10 Years Warranty
  • Support: OEM, ODM, OBM, Customized
  • Certificates: CE, UL, MSDS, IEC, UN38.3, ISO, etc.
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12V Lifepo4 Battery + 1000W AC Output Inverter DL-LFP12 Plus-1000

This portable power station with a 1000W output power consists of two parts: a 12V 100Ah deep-cycle lithium iron phosphate battery and a 1000W AC output inverter. It can provide 1.28kWh of energy for 99% of devices.

220V Portable Power Station 1000w

220V Portable Power Station 1000w

As a portable power station, it has the following advantages:

Built-in BMS

The smart BMS (Battery Management System) within the 12V lifepo4 battery balances each cell string and provides multiple protections against overvoltage, overcurrent, extreme temperatures, short circuits, and more.

220V Portable Power Station 1000w

220V Portable Power Station 1000w

Long Service Life

This 1000W portable power station boasts a cycle life of 6,500 charge-discharge cycles, with an approximate lifespan of 12 years, addressing the issue of having to frequently replace your power source.

220V Portable Power Station 1000w

1000w Portable Power Station – 6500 Cycles

Easy to Use

This 1000W portable power station is comprised of only two main components: the battery and the inverter, making the installation process incredibly simple. We have also created an assembly video for your reference. Once assembled, simply connect your devices to the station’s interface.

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220V Portable Power Station 1000w

220V Portable Power Station 1000w Easy To Use


Its dimensions are 329*172*320mm, and it weighs less than 18kg. The overall design is compact, taking up minimal space. It also comes with a handle on the top, which makes it easy to carry and transport.

220V Portable Power Station 1000w Size

220V Portable Power Station 1000w – Compact & Lightweight

Green, Safe Energy

The chemical properties of lithium iron phosphate are very stable; it is not prone to easily catch fire or explode. Moreover, it does not contain heavy metals, and unlike traditional generators, it does not produce exhaust, thus not causing environmental pollution.

220V Portable Power Station 1000w

220V Portable Power Station 1000w Advantages

Three Charging Modes

We offer three charging modes for the 1000w portable power station: wall outlet charging, car charger charging, and solar panel charging. Whether you are at home, on the road, or outdoors, you can charge at any time.

220V Portable Power Station 1000w

220V Portable Power Station 1000w Charging Methods

Widely Application

The 1000W portable power station, boasting numerous advantages, is capable of charging a wide array of devices. This includes RVs, televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, camping lights, cameras, coffee makers, laptops, and electric vehicles, among others. You can use it at home as an emergency power supply, or take it outdoors for camping as a generator. In short, any situation where standard electrical outlets are unavailable is where the 1000W portable power station shines.

220V Portable Power Station 1000w

220V Portable Power Station 1000w Application

Custom Portable Power Station

If you are considering a portable power station, you should take into account the actual capacity, the types of devices you plan to use, weight and size, portability, charging speed, output methods, and more. We offer not just this portable power station model, but also tailor power solutions based on your specific needs. You are always welcome to share any requirements you have!

220V Portable Power Station 1000w

Portable Power Station Manufacturer

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Technical Data

12V Battery+1000W AC Output Inverter - Datasheet

Outdoor And Emergency Retrofitted Inverters
Item Model DL-LFP12 Plus-1000
Battery Module Voltage 12.8V
Battery Capacity 100Ah / 120Ah / 150Ah
Battery Energy 1.28Kwh / 1.536Kwh / 1.92Kwh
Charge Voltage 14.8V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 9.2V
Charge Current 40A
Max Charge Current 70A
Discharge Current 100A
Max Discharge Current 150A(100mS)
Communication Method /
Inverter Power 1000W
Input Voltage(DC) 14.8VDC
(Anderson SB50 Input)
Output Voltage 200V~240VAC (Dual Port)
Customizable Specifications
Frequency 50Hz (Support Customization)
DC Output 640W
(Anderson SB50 Output)
USB Output 5V2.4A (12Wmax)
AC Efficiency 88%
Parameter Material / Colour Metal (Inverter box) / ABS+PC (Battery) / Black
Size 329*172*320mm
Weight 18Kg
Temperature Charge: 0°C-50°C
Discharge: -5°C-55°C

PDF Download

PDF Download —— 1000W Portable Power Station


1. Is Delong Energy a lithium battery factory?
Delong Energy is a battery factory with 11 years of experience, which integrates research, development, production, and sales.

2. How about the quality of lithium battery products from Delong Energy?
Delong Energy has a strong R&D team and a set of international certifications, including MSDS, UN38.3, FCC, IEC62133, CE, UL, KC, BIS, CB, ROHS, and ISO9001:2015 certified.

3. Can you do An OEM/ODM project?
We have engineers who can help you design and R&D any related products.

4. Can you customize the battery pack for more function?
Yes, we have a professional engineering team to provide an excellent solution for you.

5. Do you have MOQ?
No limited.

6. Can I have samples to test? And what is the lead time for a sample order?
Yes, we can supply samples. The lead time for samples is 3-5 days. The buyer pays for the sample cost and shipping cost.

7. What is your term of payment?
We adopt T/T, Paypal, Alibaba payment way, Credit Card, Visa, Echecking, Master Card, Trade Assurance, etc.

8. Do you provide after-sales service?
Yes, the battery warranty is 10 years. If there are any quality problems on our side in this period, we can send a new one as a replacement.


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