Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), the world’s largest manufacturer of electric car batteries, is set to begin small-scale production of solid-state batteries by 2027. This announcement was made by a senior scientist from CATL, Wu Kai, during the China International Battery Fair (CIBF) in Shanghai. The technology for these batteries is currently at a developmental level of 4 on a scale of 1 to 9, with an aim to reach level 7 to 8 by 2027, indicating readiness for small series production.

CATL’s Solid-State Battery Production Plans

Solid-state batteries are seen as a significant technological leap due to their higher energy density, potentially reaching 500 Wh/kg compared to the current 350 Wh/kg limit of lithium-ion batteries with liquid electrolytes. However, the transition to mass production remains challenging, primarily due to high costs.

Further emphasizing CATL’s commitment to this technology, the company recently showcased its new Shenxing Plus LFP battery at Auto China in Beijing, which is designed to enable electric vehicles to travel over 1,000 kilometers on a single charge. CATL has a robust R&D setup dedicated to solid-state battery technology, employing nearly 1,000 staff members and collaborating with various universities and industry players.

Additionally, in early 2024, CATL joined a newly formed consortium named China All-Solid-State Battery Collaborative Innovation Platform (CASIP). Initiated by the Chinese government, this consortium includes major Chinese battery and automobile manufacturers. Its goal is to develop, produce competitive solid-state batteries, and establish a complete supply chain by 2030.

This strategic move is part of an effort to maintain China’s leading position in the global battery market amid rising competition from other regions like South Korea, Japan, North America, and Europe. Notably, companies such as Toyota and Nissan are also planning to introduce electric vehicles equipped with solid-state batteries around the same time.

In summary, CATL is actively advancing the development of solid-state batteries with a targeted small-scale production by 2027. This initiative is part of a broader national strategy to sustain China’s dominance in the battery technology sector, amidst increasing global competition.

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