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51.2V Floor Mounted Solar Battery For Household 10~15kwh

51.2V Movable Solar Battery 10kwh ~15kwh | DL-LVM10/15

  • Brand: Delong Energy
  • Sample: Available For Test
  • Service: 10 Years Warranty
  • Support: OEM, ODM, OBM, Customized
  • Certificates: CE, UL, MSDS, IEC, UN38.3, ISO, etc.
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51.2V 10~15kwh Floor Mounted Solar Battery For Household | LVM10/15

This is Delong’s latest release, a 51.2V floor mounted home energy storage battery, available in 200Ah, 230Ah, 280Ah, and 300Ah options. The models are DL-LVM10 and DL-LVM15, capable of providing 10kWh, 11kWh, 14kWh, and 15kWh for your home. The features are as follows:

  • Equipped with swivel casters at the bottom for easy mobility
  • Features a handle on the top for lifting assistance
  • Can be expanded Capacity by connecting 1 to 15 batteries in parallel
  • Compatible with a wide range of inverters such as Deye, Growatt
  • Long service life of up to 12 years
  • Built-in intelligent BMS to ensure safe performance
  • Supports communication protocols such as RS485/CAN
51.2V Floor Mounted Lithium Battery LVM10-15

51.2V Floor Mounted Lithium Battery LVM10-15

Delong’s floor-mounted energy storage batteries consistently use A-grade lithium iron phosphate cells, ensuring that the system operates efficiently and stably while being completely safe. Additionally, thanks to the aforementioned advantages, you can benefit from the following features with this floor mounted battery option:

  • Easy to move and place

The floor-mounted lifepo4 battery equipped with swivel casters offers great flexibility, allowing you to easily move it to various locations around your home.

Additionally, the floor-mounted design makes the energy storage battery compact and space-efficient, making it easier to integrate into a home environment.

  • Safety

The chemical properties of lithium iron phosphate are extremely stable. It boasts a higher energy density and a lower self-discharge rate, meaning it is lighter and more durable.

To enhance safety, Delong has equipped it with an intelligent BMS that includes safety mechanisms such as overcharge protection, discharge protection, and temperature control.

  • High Efficiency

Lithium batteries charge efficiently and can quickly respond to the electricity demands of a household, such as providing immediate power during a sudden outage to ensure the normal operation of home appliances.

  • Environmentally Friendly

Lithium battery energy storage systems are a green energy solution. If used in conjunction with a solar power system at home, they can further reduce carbon emissions and decrease your reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Economic Benefits

Delong’s floor-mounted solar battery, specifically crafted for households, can effectively reduce your electricity expenses. It stores energy when electricity rates are low, allowing you to use it during peak demand periods, thus saving money by leveraging the difference in electricity rates. This mode of operation can significantly enhance the stability of your power grid and alleviate stress on the electrical network.

51.2V Floor Mounted Lithium Battery LVM10-15

51.2V Floor Mounted Lithium Battery LVM10-15

51.2V Floor Mounted Lithium Battery LVM10-15

51.2V Floor Mounted Lithium Battery LVM10-15

Floor Mounted Battery Application

In addition to home use, you can also apply the DL-LVM10/15 floor mounted energy storage system to UPS, central offices, base station transceiver stations, power systems, telecommunication systems, communication equipment, and switching applications.

51.2V Floor Mounted Lithium Battery LVM10-15

51.2V Floor Mounted Lithium Battery LVM10-15

51.2V Floor Mounted Lithium Battery LVM10-15

51.2V Floor Mounted Lithium Battery LVM10-15

Why Choose Delong Energy

Delong is a lithium battery manufacturer with 13 years of production experience. We have a professional R&D team that provides customized lithium battery solutions for users. To ensure your projects proceed smoothly and on schedule, we offer high-quality energy storage systems at highly competitive prices. Of course, our products meet high international standards and are certified by international bodies such as CE, UL, etc.

About Delong Energy

About Delong Energy

Technical Data

Models LVM10 LVM15
Product Specification 51.2V200Ah 51.2V230Ah 51.2V280Ah 51.2V300Ah
Nominal Voltage 51.2V 51.2V 51.2V 51.2V
Nominal Capacity 200Ah 230Ah 280Ah 300Ah
Battery Energy 10.24Kwh 11.776Kwh 14.336Kwh 15.36Kwh
Max Charge Current 100A
Max Discharge Current 200A
Recommended Load 5~8Kw
Charging Cut-off Voltage 57.6V±0.2V
Discharging Cut-off Voltage 44.8V±0.2V
Cell Type LiFePO4 Battery
Terminal M8
Case Material Metal Box
Communication Mode RS485/CAN
Charge Temperature Range 0~45℃
Discharge Temperature Range  -5~55℃
Cycle Life ≥6500 Cycles
Designed Life 12 Years
Colour White
Weight ≈90Kg ≈92Kg ≈108Kg ≈110Kg
Dimensions (LxDxH) 436*262*740mm 436*262*890mm
Assembly Method Movable

PDF Download

DL-LVM10/15 Datasheet – 51.2V Floor Mounted Solar Battery 10~15kwh


1. Is Delong Energy a lithium battery factory?
Delong Energy is a battery factory with 11 years of experience, which integrates research, development, production, and sales.

2. How about the quality of lithium battery products from Delong Energy?
Delong Energy has a strong R&D team and a set of international certifications, including MSDS, UN38.3, FCC, IEC62133, CE, UL, KC, BIS, CB, ROHS, and ISO9001:2015 certified.

3. Can you do An OEM/ODM project?
We have engineers who can help you design and R&D any related products.

4. Can you customize the battery pack for more function?
Yes, we have a professional engineering team to provide an excellent solution for you.

5. Do you have MOQ?
No limited.

6. Can I have samples to test? And what is the lead time for a sample order?
Yes, we can supply samples. The lead time for samples is 3-5 days. The buyer pays for the sample cost and shipping cost.

7. What is your term of payment?
We adopt T/T, Paypal, Alibaba payment way, Credit Card, Visa, Echecking, Master Card, Trade Assurance, etc.

8. Do you provide after-sales service?
Yes, the battery warranty is 10 years. If there are any quality problems on our side in this period, we can send a new one as a replacement.


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