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  • Lyten Ship First Lithium-Sulfur Battery Cells A-samples

    Lyten, a California-based lithium-sulfur battery developer, has begun shipping its first A-sample 6.5 Ah pouch cells to automotive giants like Stellantis, as well as other car manufacturers in the US and EU. The company has also started producing these batteries in both pouch and cylindrical [...]

  • Panasonic Plans To Double EV Battery Production in Japan

    Panasonic Holdings Corporation is planning a significant expansion in its electric vehicle (EV) battery production capacity in Japan. The corporation aims to more than double its current production capacity to meet the growing demand from automotive manufacturers such as Mazda and Subaru. This announcement was [...]

  • Toyota Factory Plans to Produce EV Power Batteries Next Year

    Toyota's new battery manufacturing plant in North Carolina is set to start production in the first quarter of next year, with a focus on producing electric vehicle (EV) power batteries. The factory, which represents a $13.9 billion investment by Toyota, will manufacture battery packs for [...]


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